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The minute sequence at the film's finale, is simply superb. If it doesn't, it should. From hard to soft, from creepy to downright haunting, from mysterious to shocking, from thematic grandeur to terrifying cacophony, practically everything you can do with a symphony orchestra is presented here. And not only that; John Williams defined alien music for generations to come.

Presented here is the full score in chronological order, plus alternates and unused cues, and it was about time. What John Williams managed to do to the film and the listener is outstanding: I don't know where Williams dug up all those playing techniques and writing styles, sometimes so abstract that you'd think it would be impossible to incorporate them into a coherent piece of music, but Williams did it; and you just can't detach yourself. What fascinates me most about Close Encounters is the way dissonance and harmony full of awe are combined.

John Williams would write fast aleatoric, almost incomprehendable violin passages, and suddenly slow, huge sounding tuba lines come in underneath to illustrate the arrival of the aliens. Out of the cacophony, suddenly an emotional horn line would emerge.

You can hear this approach for instance in "The Mothership". I think hearing one of these cues with the film in mind is one of the most chilling moments someone can experience; this truly is the power of movie and music. One of the best cues on the album is the track "Wild Signals", written in a call-and-response manner. This piece accompanies the scene in which humans and aliens are communicating via music which is such a touching idea itself and Steven Spielberg actually edited the movie in a way so that it would fit the music. This track also introduces the main theme for the film, the five-note motif that NASA now sends out into the space to look for extraterrestrial life.

There is a handful of other themes, all featured in the final 12 minute track that is in my humble opinion one of the best cues ever written for film. The thematic and choral beauty is so overwhelming; and the terrifying, yet awe- inspiring alien music transforms over the course of the piece into something friendly and pure, until the main theme is sung by a boy choir.

It's not only the technical aspects that make Close Encounters so outstanding, it's first and foremost the emotions you feel when you hear it. Just like in the film, there's always a sense of mystery in the air; you can't put your finger on it, but there's always something in the air. The movie, and much more so the music, make you yearn.

You believe it, you long for the great mystery.

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This score will change the way you look at the evening sky forever, so be prepared; it might never let you go! Great sound track. Love this classic and spooky album that is hauntingly beautiful at the same time. Helps me walk in Richard's shoes It is not part of the soundtrack, but a remixing of its themes and by my perhaps purist book does not belong on a soundtrack CD.

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